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GILAT Telecom specializes in providing end-to-end communication solutions including bandwidth and connectivity over satellite, fiber optic, and radio infrastructure to customers around the world including cellular operators, Internet providers, enterprises, government organizations, and emergency and rescue services in Africa and the middle east.

We offer our customers a different network experience helping them to streamline the process of onboarding new services with our managed services covering everything from networks and infrastructure to cloud-based SaaS, security, and support. Additionally, our team of experts offers a well-established experience and knowledge in how to deploy all kinds of solutions and strategies helping them to elevate performance across the organization systems. In fact, GILAT Telecom is the only company that offers an all-in-one solution for establishing and managing communication networks from end to start.

As a technology-driven company, we implement the most innovative infrastructures and technologies, while constantly adapting to the changing needs of the world of communications, to produce a different and improved customer experience, while supporting them 24/7.


  • Headquarters in Israel
  • Subsidiaries and partnerships in DRC, Ghana,                    Uganda, Nigeria
  • 5 international satellite teleports, 14 hubs/PoPs in Africa,      2 PoPs in Europe
  • Management of ~5.5 Gbps of satellite capacity and            27 Gbps over fiber (EASSy & WACS)
  • Use of 15 satellites
  • Operations in 50 countries
  • More than 1500 sites globally
  • 24×7 bilingual Technical Assistance Center

                                                                 OUR MISSION

We’re on a mission is to increase the quality of life, education, and health of the African population by reducing the digital gap and making the internet accessible to people anywhere they are, even in remote and isolated areas

                                                                  OUR VISION

Our vision is to become the first communication company in Africa to provide communication across the continent while using renewable energy and promoting environmental values




Mr. Izak Ben – Eliezer serves as Gilat Telecom’s Chief Executive Officer. He joined the company in 2022, bringing extensive experience in various key positions in the world of communication and technology. Before joining Gilat, Izak Ben – Eliezer headed the engineering & technology business unit at Bezeq, the leading communication provider of the Israeli Telecom market. Prior to Bezeq, he served as the CEO of Xphone and Bezeq International. Mr. Izak Ben – Eliezer holds a BA in Economics & Business Administration and MBA from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.



Mr. Rosenheck joined GILAT Telecom as VP of Sales & Business Development, bringing extensive experience from the African market as well as deep knowledge in the fields of communications and satellites. Prior to joining GILAT Telecom Mr. Rosenheck served as VP of Information Systems at Cellcom Liberia in Africa. Mr. Rosenheck demonstrates a proven track record in signing deals worth tens of millions of shekels, including service contracts, the supply of communications services, fiber optics, and the supply of value-added equipment and services.



Mrs. Gal joined Gilat Telecom in 2011 and was appointed as the CFO in 2014. Previously, Mrs.  Gal served as the Financial Controller of the company. Prior to joining Gilat Telecom, Mrs. Gal worked as an audit manager in Deloitte Brightman Almagor Zohar.                                    Mrs. Gal holds a B.A.  in Business Administration and Accounting from the Academic College of Tel Aviv Yafo.



Mr. Cohen joined Gilat Telecom in 2017 bringing with him broad and extensive experience in leading service delivery, operation, and assurance activities and leading network operators and system integrators. Mr. Cohen is a true IT and Telco ace, bringing many years of both hands-on and formal know-how experience that has been tested over and over again by the delivery of complex solutions executed under his leadership of IT professionals teams. Mr. Cohen is currently VP of Business Development and Engineering in Gilat Telecom.



Mr. Schneider joined Gilat Telecom in 2004 as Head of the Mobile Satellite Division and was appointed VP of Defense & HLS business init in 2012. Prior to joining Gilat Telecom Mr. Schneider was the Founder and CEO of Gayacom Ltd. (Iridium Global Service Provider) which was acquired by Gilat Telecom in 2004. Mr. Schneider holds a BA in Middle East & Africa from the University of Tel Aviv and also completed Electronics study at Israel Naval Institution.



Mr.Mesika joined Gilat Telecom in 2021 as VP of Sales bringing vast and extensive experience in international sales- with a focus on the African continent. Prior to him joining  Gilat Telecom, Mr.Mesika served as VP Sales Africa at Amos-Spacecom and as an Executive VP Sales at Trilogical by adding numerous new strategic customers for both companies. Mr.Mesika holds a BA in Political Science and Management and  MBA  in Business Administration from Haifa University.

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