A New World of
Communication Networks

Full Stack SASE Solution in
a Unified Device

A one-stop-shop solution developed by Gilat Telecom specifically to provide all network and SASE services in a single box.
G-BOX was designed as a cloud-based orchestration with multiple solutions providing accelerated network performance, centralized management, a secured network, and a unique AI-based SDWAN technology for smart traffic management. 


Multi-tenant Control GUI management

Planning and setting up modular solutions packages customized to the customer’s requirements, along with private branding offering.

Boost the internet to the Speed of light!

A unique technology that accelerates browsing speed and data transfer rates over Internet infrastructures.

Build Your own Combo-Solution!

G-BOX offer our partners the chance to meet their end customers needs in new and exciting ways. All communication services are accessible and available from anywhere via a cloud GUI for easy and automated management. 

G-BOX Solutions Will Help You Make a Difference

A variety of smart and efficient network management products in one place, which includes all the network solutions on the market regardless of suppliers or the need for support and licenses.

Portfolio Overview

Special solutions packages that include a firewall, backup, and automatic management of several Internet lines at the same time for secure management of the corporate network
You can build upon our services to offer integrated and unique customer solutions.

Create your own Private G-BOX

G-BOX is a breakthrough in the communications market offering service providers to get a competitive advantage by elevating the user experience with a private brand fully customized to their needs, Eligible partners are also able to white-label or co-brand propositions to their own customers

G-BOX UCPE Sizing & Sizes

G-BOX solution supports a wide of UCPEs which support different types of Network Solutions from small businesses to large-scale enterprises. Multi-Port, LTE, WIFI, POE and 10G interfaces, and more.