Protect your data with G-SAFE

Smart Virtual Firewall

Protect your network against cyber-attacks by deploying a virtual firewall to secure and manage your office communication. Shield unauthorized correspondence and unwanted access.

  • High-level security protects your network environment

  • Control user access to internet and websites

  • Constantly updated signatures detect the latest malicious attacks

  • Simultaneous safe internet use and protection against threats and malware

Smart Endpoint Anti-Virus Security

  • Real-time protection for your computers and servers against viruses and botnets

  • Low system demands provide top-security without interrupting your workflow

  • Virus infiltration reporting, anytime, anywhere

Smart Office Email Security

From photos to contracts, invoices and even passwords, we like to keep it all in our inbox. But with a data breach or malicious spam, a hacker can gain access to all your important information or deposit malicious files that that can wreak havoc to your organization’s computers within minutes.

Gilat’s Email Security service is fully cloud-based. There is no need to purchase or manage costly hardware and software.

  • Neutralizes up to 90% of threats before they reach your computer.

  • Blocks up to 99.9% of spam trying to enter your inbox

  • Provides seamless integration and user interface

  • Easy policy base for users and groups

  • Reliable email messaging for safe and consistent business communications

  • Extensive reporting and analysis capabilities: monthly status reports on spam detection, virus protection, and user activity

Smart Data Protection & Backup

Businesses generate large amounts of data. As a result, data files change throughout the workday. Data can be lost, corrupted, compromised or stolen through hardware failure, human error, hacking and malware. Loss or corruption of data could result in significant business disruption and financial loss.Gilat’s Email Security service is fully cloud-based. There is no need to purchase or manage costly hardware and software.

  • All your data is encrypted and stored in Gilat Telecom’s Data Center in Kampala.

  • Best protection against ransomware attacks

  • Easy restoration as needed

  • Any version of your files can be easily restored with our backup life cycle management feature

  • Never lose data on endpoint devices, servers, storage and even cloud services (Office 365, G-Suite, Amazon)

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