GILAT Telecom Israel, from GILAT Telecom Global group (TASE: GLTL), is a communication company delivering high-quality broadband solutions over fiber optic, satellite, and radio-based infrastructures, to MNOs, telcos, ISPs, and enterprises worldwide, including industry leaders companies and governmental organizations.

After two decades as a leading communication provider in the global market, GILAT Telecom brings its global expertise and experience to the Israeli market, with new ISP services offering a cloud-based internet platform – to deliver a fast and secured internet experience for all types of businesses.

GILAT Telecom’s ISP services in Israel are a game-changer for businesses in Israel, that now can enjoy the benefits of a global ISP company with extensive experience in assembling complex communications solutions, together with technological expertise and a high standard of customer service. 

In addition, Gilat Telecom is the only Internet provider in Israel that has the ability to provide backup and survival solutions based on satellites and other unique solutions.

Gilat Telecom offers uncompromised customer support together with in-depth knowledge and experience in building complicated communication solutions for all types of businesses. 

Bringing the Cloud to your Business 

As part of GILAT Telecom’s vision to provide the best customer experience to its users, the company also offers a wide range of cloud-based solutions for network optimization that enables them to significantly reduce their costs and increase quality and performance. These cloud-based solutions include a range of solutions including firewall, security, Wi-Fi, IPBX, and anti-virus. 

Our Values & Commitment

Gilat Telecoms values its customers and always puts its user experience first. We strive to provide our customers with products and services that meet and even exceed their expectations and we are committed to delivering the highest quality level of customer experience, by utilizing the most innovative technologies and infrastructures, and providing quality customer service.