Gilat Telecom Launches Portable Satellite Service Using Small (8kg) Terminal

Gilat Telecom (formerly Gilat Satcom) today launched a new service for Governments, Armies and Homeland Security agencies, NGOs and other organizations that are operational in areas with little or no network coverage.

New and existing customers will be able to buy a Satcube terminal from Gilat Telecom. This weighs just 8kg and can be transported as hand luggage in a plane. It can be taken anywhere on earth and connected to Gilat Telecom’s global satellite network. It can be set up by people with no engineering expertise.

Users then pay a monthly fee for connectivity with a variety of different packages available. The Gilat Telecom Satcube service provides speeds of up to 20mbps and uses the Ku-band.

Ami Schneider, VP of Gilat Telecom’s Mobile Satellite Elite Communication Division, said “Up until today, manpack terminals have only really been used by Governments and large organizations.

The Gilat Telecom Satcube service is designed for organizations – and individuals – with smaller budgets who need communications in remote areas. It was designed to be as easy to set up and use as a regular smartphone.”

Headquartered in Sweden, Satcube launched the Satcube Ku terminal in September 2017 to meet the growing demand for compact, portable and user-friendly terminals.

About Gilat Telecom

Gilat Telecom is a managed service provider that offers global high-quality, cost-effective and efficient solutions, connectivity solutions to telcos, ISPs, governments, enterprise customers and international organizations.


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