Bandwidth Traffic Control Package

Enhnace your customer experience and reduce costs with Gilat Telecom’s Bandwidth Traffic Control:

  • Setting up quality of service for each application.

  • Save monthly expenses on buying additional bandwidth.

  • Monthly reports showing the bandwidth utilization.

High - Performance Wi-Fi Package

Get private wireless access for employees and a public WiFi network for guests in one fully managed, end-to-end solution:

  • Carrier grade access points fully replaces the need for a wired network in your office.

  • Smart wi-fi antennas extend your wi-fi coverage.

  • Better User Experience.

  • Captive portal for guest management.

PBX Package

Get HD quality office calls with our Cloud PBX platform: No need for high cost on-premises PBX machines.

  • Use as many phone extensions as you need.

  • Save on phone costs with free calls between branches in and out of the country.

  • Choose from a wide range of desk phones and wireless phones.

Data Protection Package

Protect your company’s most important asset – its information:

  • All your company’s information is encrypted and stored in Gilat Telecom’s Data Center in Kampala.

  • Easy restoration when required.

  • Ransomware attack protection.

  • Never lose data on endpoint devices, servers, storage and even cloud services (Office 365, G-Suite, Amazon).

Gilat Telecom Uganda Smart Office

Successful businesses care about constantly driving and increasing profits. That’s why Gilat Telecom now offers customized solutions for businesses of every size. Our perfect suite of solutions enables your business to enhance employee efficiency, save costs and improve overall profitability.

Using Gilat Uganda Smart Office, businesses of every size are already enjoying these benefits:

Improving company cashflow – We’ve invested in an advanced telco hardware and software infrastructure so that you don’t have to. And you only pay for what you use.•Our cutting-edge system is constantly updated.

Our core network is kept current so that you always get the latest software versions.

Around-the-clock, 24/7 support.

We remotely manage all your services. We make sure all your systems are always up and running, so that you can work on scaling your business.

With over 250 customers across the country , you can count on us to be the most cost-effective and efficient communication provider. In fact, that’s what we’re known for in over 20 countries!

So what are you waiting for? You have money to make.

Contact Gilat Telecom Uganda today.