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Communication From SHORE

Gilat Telecom provides a wide range of communication services for the maritime industry enabling connectivity even deep at sea.
Our cost-effective solutions help improve day-to-day operations with constant, instant connectivity.
Gilat Telecom’s satellite-based voice, data, and Internet communication services comply with the most stringent regulations.

Ku/Ka terminals – SeaTel

High-performance 3-axis stabilized antennas.
High bandwidth connectivity and flexible installation.
Easier and quicker installation and configuration on a wider range of vessels.
Reliable connectivity for operations, passengers and crew, with fast response to the ship’s motion to avoid signal loss and an intuitive web user interface accessible from any internet-enabled device.

L Band Terminals

Iridium Pilot

  • Engineered to perform in blazing sun, frigid cold, or high winds
  • Delivers broadband data and high-quality voice in one, low-cost platform.
  • Supports 3 independent voice lines and data services up to 134 kbps
  • Bidirectional

Inmarsat Fleet Broadband FB150/250/500

  • FleetBroadband provide simultaneously independent work telephone and broadband data communication
  • Support data communication via ISDN
  • Provides uninterrupted coverage from latitude 76° North to latitude 76° South


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