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A Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) allows service providers and MNOs to leverage any combination of data transmission flows to securely connect users to applications. Using centralized control, it directs encrypted traffic intelligently from the service provider to the customer.

The SD-WAN MAX of Gilat Telecom is a unique and smart end-to-end SD-WAN solution powered by AI and utilizing machine-learning algorithms to provide maximum stability, data transformation, capacity, and smart traffic management.

Reduce your operational costs and customer churn by maximizing the stability of your network

With SD-WAN MAX, you can prevent downtime, traffic loss, and outages thanks to the solution’s smart automated load balancing per application, which enables seamless transition and failover between communication links. SD-WAN MAX makes network stability a reality.

Enhance your network availability, utilization, and performance by maximizing the use of your Data traffic

With SD-WAN MAX, you can now automatically prioritize application demands based on real-time business requirements. By eliminating complicated configuration and operation procedures, the solution makes it easy for you to configure, define policies, and set priorities.

Maximize your current capacity to meet the growing need of your customers for more bandwidth

With SD-WAN MAX, you can now expand your available bandwidth while saving on your operational costs. The solution provides bandwidth compression, deduplication, and prioritization of network traffic based on predictive application demands. With SD-WAN MAX, you avoid buying additional expensive bandwidth.

Simplify your network management, especially after migrating from 3G to 4G and 5G

Utilizing proprietary AI and machine-learning algorithms, SD-WAN MAX enables maximum smart steering network management, which simplifies managing your network significantly.

Features & Benefits

  • Intelligent application management based on business requirements
  • Traffic steering per application
  • Streamlined configuration and operation for simplified links
  • Maximum network SLA availability, utilization & performance
  • Seamless transition and failover between communication application QoS
  • End-to-end security and encryption
  • Fast ROI and lower TCO by maximizing network capacity
  • Integrates seamlessly with cache services at the customer side

How does it Work?

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