High-Speed Connectivity from Anywhere in the World

//High-Speed Connectivity from Anywhere in the World

High-Speed Connectivity from Anywhere in the World

So far, whenever someone referred to global coverage communication, my first thoughts turned towards the traditional global satellite networks. These networks were sufficient for a number of years, but with today’s increased demand for higher bandwidth, they are unable to meet expectations. High service costs, low speeds, and latency issues make these services unfit for many business applications, creating a void in the market.

Introducing Intelsat Flex

Fortunately, Intelsat has stepped up to the challenge and is offering its Intelsat Flex solution through their approved partner network (which includes Gilat Telecom).

Intelsat is the world’s largest Ku-Band multilayered satellite network. It covers every continent in the world, with the exception of Antarctica, and continues to increase its reach. The company’s services are based on its vast Intelsat satellite fleet and teleports around the globe, offering high-speed connectivity on land, at sea, and in the air.


FlexMove COTP Coverage map 

FlexMove COTM coverage map 

Designed for Multiple Verticals

Intelsat Flex is a great fit for a number of verticals, particularly those in places that are difficult to access. Mining companies, oil and gas drillers, and organizations providing humanitarian aid in areas that either lack or lost their connectivity need network access that is reliable, high performing, and cost-effective.

Intelsat Flex helps businesses optimize communications in communications-on-the-move (COTM) and communications-on-the-pause (COTP) situations. I’ve observed the tremendous impact this service has on the COTM/COTP markets, as it has expanded coverage areas into places where high-speed connectivity was simply inaccessible.

First responders are another group of people that rely on the connectivity of Intelsat Flex. They never know where tomorrow’s emergency will take them; having Intelsat Flex with them enables high-speed communication from a single terminal at a reasonable price enables them to deliver help faster, which saves lives.

How Intelsat Flex Works

The service was designed based on time- and deeds-proofed iDirect hubs and modems. The network was designed with robustness in mind, ensuring accessibility when needed for both COTM and COTP using the same network.

It supports all types of traffic, including video streaming, VoIP telephone, internet access, WhatsApp and Facebook, file downloading and uploading, VPN, and more.

Designed for simplicity, Intelsat Flex removes the complexity of dealing with bandwidth availability, configuration, and management of the network infrastructure. Most points of coverage have multiple overlapping satellites, making it more resilient in terms of line of sight (LOS) to the satellite and more resistant to occurrences of local interference.

Network Topology

Payment Models

All Intelsat Flex pricing plans are quota-based, using Gigabyte (GB) allowance. Customers have options for signing up by month, quarter, or year. The data allowance cap is refreshed at the conclusion of the designated time frame.

This type of pricing model enables low-cost service packages while allowing users to increase or change the plan as needed. Configuration alerts are available, so users can track the data they have used.

Moving Forward

Intelsat Flex isn’t the first satellite connectivity network promising online anywhere. But in my experience with satellite connectivity, it is, by far, the fastest and most reliable satellite service. Its speed, resilience, and affordability make it the system of choice for businesses in outlying areas, at sea, and in the air.



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