Are Telcos and ISPs Ready for the New Coronavirus Digital Reality?

March 22nd, 2020

Keren Etzion || Product Marketing Manager ||

As the Coronavirus forces more and more human activities to take place online, we must rely on our digital devices to stay in touch, communicate, and interact with our fellow human beings.

Government agencies, public enterprises, and private companies are moving to online systems and operations to provide services and conduct business using virtual communication tools. The healthcare sector is also going online for providing telehealth and telemedicine services. Pupils and students are attending virtual classes and are listening to online lectures, and entertainment is limited mostly to content broadcasting.

This unprecedented demand for online communication requires efficient connectivity speed and quality to keep the world (and for telcos their customers) connected.  Telcos and ISPs need to know if their connectivity can handle this large demand for data traffic, making it a key factor for their business success – now and in the future. Connectivity reliability and data backup have become crucial on all business levels, including guaranteeing customer satisfaction and preventing customer crunch and brand damage.

To make sure you, as a telco or ISP, are ready for the new pandemic reality, you need to rely on your connectivity provider to ensure smooth user experience. Since COVID-19 will be around for some time, it is smart business planning to increase your capacity upfront. This will prepare you for the enhanced demand for data traffic over the internet. Furthermore, you will also have the peace of mind that you can offer reliable connectivity that always works, with strong backup performance to ensure zero downfalls.

GILAT Telecom understand the importance of having both quality and backup connectivity that will ensure internet delivery all the time, even during disasters. That’s why we developed our integrated satellite and fiber-based capabilities that are bundled to provide our enhanced connectivity solution. With GILAT, you will have high-standard connectivity with improved SLA and real backup solutions that will ensure that you and your customers will have an easier journey in these challenging times.

For free consulting about how we can help you with connectivity readiness strategy for improved SLA and real backup solutions, check out GILAT Telecom Solutions or contact us:



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